Meet Jeff

As Founder and CEO of Elevage Partners, Jeff strategically guides Elevage Partners’ clients on their wealth management and financial planning needs.  Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable advisor who works to do what is best for his clients. His knowledge comes from over 25 years of well-rounded experience in the financial services industry. From working the trading desk at Griffin Financial Services to running a risk management department at LaSalle Nationwide Bank to managing financial institutions with Essex Corporation, Jeff is able to provide a different perspective on investing than most financial advisors. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Portfolio Theory from the University of Arizona gave him a great foundation for growing his career in the financial industry.

"Helping people discover financial solutions to something they felt was impossible is extremely satisfying. I enjoy spending time with clients, hearing their life stories and how they wish those stories to evolve, and ultimately helping them feel confident that their financial decisions align with current and future goals. This doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and dedication. The smiles from seeing a plan come together, though, make it all worthwhile."

Outside of work Jeff enjoys volunteering as a student mentor with Students Rising Above. He also enjoys wine making, culinary arts, hiking and golf. 

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