Our Financial Planning Process

Our advisors will help you understand your current financial situation. We will listen as you share your goals and dreams. And we'll get to know you well enough to Stand In Your Shoes™ – guiding you toward the sound financial decisions we'd make if we were in your shoes.

Our comprehensive planning process organizes your financial life and divides your assets into two categories: short term and long term. By making sure your short-term liquidity and income needs are met, we can then make investment decisions that support your long-term goals.


Life Changes. Your Plan Should, Too.

An important part of putting your plan into action is making sure that it’s always up to date. So we’ll meet with you regularly to review your plan. We want to ensure that it reflects changes in your life and takes advantage of new opportunities, such as changes in tax codes or other laws.

Your life changes. Your plan should keep pace. And keep you moving toward your goals.

Whenever you open a new chapter in your life, your plan needs to be updated. Common reasons for updating plans include:

  • Marriage, divorce or death of a spouse

  • Birth of a child

  • Sending a child to college

  • Buying a house

  • Selling your business

  • Retirement

Whatever your goals may be, you’ll want to know that you’re on the path to achieving them. During our review sessions, we’ll measure your progress toward your goals. If you’re on track, we’ll advise you to keep up the good work. If not, we’ll make recommendations and update your plan accordingly.


Insurance Advice

You've worked hard to get where you are. We'll make sure that you, your family and your assets are protected.

During our comprehensive planning process we review all of your current insurance coverage. We look at your group benefits packages, along with your life, disability and long-term care policies.

We compare this existing coverage to what you need. Then we make recommendations based on what level of insurance you should have.

We also take the time to evaluate your homeowners, auto and personal liability insurance to make sure that the policies are in line with your overall financial picture. Although we’re not property and casualty insurance experts, we are in a unique position to evaluate whether your coverage is a good fit because, unlike your insurance agent, we have a complete understanding of your finances.